Our Magazine

«Casinos de Latinoamérica» has been published uninterruptedly since 1999.

Each quarter, 30,000 copies are distributed to leading players in the gaming industry, chiefly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The great majority of Casino and Arcade executives and operators, along with the leading manufacturers of Gaming Equipment, Slots, Video Bingo and Electronic Roulette, the auxiliary industry and online gaming operators are regular readers of our magazine.

The digital version of each edition is emailed to a database of more than 15,000 professionals.
«Casinos de Latinoamérica» is also distributed to all gaming industry regulatory bodies and the leading Latin-American professional associations in the Casinos, Bingos and gaming industry sector.

Our Goals

In 1999 we wagered on a boom in the Latin-American Casinos industry – and it was a winning bet! 

Our magazine is the go-to publication for the Latin-American gaming sector, with the largest circulation in the region, in both its print and digital editions. Because of this, we have more advertisers than anybody else.

Not without reason!

«Casinos de Latinoamérica» offers detailed, independent coverage of events in the Latin-American gaming market for thousands of subscribers in Latin America and around the world.

So, if you want to back a sure thing, put your money on the hardest-hitting Casino magazine. 

Wager on Casinos de Latinoamérica! 

You are sure to be a winner!

What we do

Boost your brand visibility
Establish alliances
Position your brand in the sector

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A dedicated professional team

All our information is developed and double-checked by our team of specialised journalists with broad experience in the field of Casinos and gaming machines.

Worldwide visibility

The magazine with the biggest circulation in Latin America, the most pages and the most advertisers.

Exclusive information

Casinos de Latinoamérica gives in-depth coverage of all that happens on the Latin-American market.